Category: Case Study

Aug 22
Case Study: Roots Rising ID3A Jam

Objective and Scope Roots Rising, a community-focused organization, aims to establish a Youth Farm in Pittsfield, serving as a nexus for food justice, youth development, and community engagement. This endeavor seeks to address gaps in food access, youth engagement, leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion, while fostering partnerships and enhancing the well-being of Pittsfield’s youth. Solution […]

Aug 21
Case Study: Same Sky ID3A Jam

Objective The Same Sky ID3A Jam aims to unite community stakeholders and Black businesses for collaborative problem-solving, ideation, and the creation of a supportive supplier diversity ecosystem. The objective is to facilitate an environment where BIPOC businesses can thrive. Scope The scope of the ID3A Jam encompasses brainstorming solutions and ideas, fostering connections, and building […]

Aug 05
Case Study: Digital Business Accelerator with EforAll

R3SET Academy: Empowering Communities Through Online Learning Scope of Project: R3SET Academy, a groundbreaking online learning platform, emerged as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. The project aimed to foster innovation, collaboration, and community impact by providing accessible online education to local businesses and individuals. Collaborating with organizations like EforAll, Greylock Federal, and Mass Growth […]

Feb 22
Case Study: Inclusive Leadership ID3A Jam

Our Approach In a collaborative effort between Inclusive Leadership Cohort (ILC), a program of Multi-Cultural Bridge, and R3SET Agency, the Black Community Nonprofit Board Inclusion Idea Jam was conceived. Designed as a multi-station event, this approach aimed to foster engagement, encourage empathy, and generate actionable solutions. Through interactive activities, participants were guided to empathize, share […]

Aug 05
Case Study: Berkshire SUCC3SS ID3A Jam

Objective The aim of this project is to establish the Black Economic Council (BEC) and organize an Idea Jam event to gather insights, strategies, and recommendations for fostering economic growth and support within the Black community. Scope The project encompasses multiple subcommittees, each contributing to the success of the BEC and the Idea Jam event. […]

Aug 22
Case Study: Downtown Pittsfield ID3A Jam

Case Study: Fostering Growth Through Innovation: The Downtown Pittsfield Inc. Idea Jam In the heart of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, a transformative initiative took shape—The Downtown Pittsfield Inc. (DPI) Idea Jam. Born from a shared vision between DPI and R3SET Enterprises, this collaborative endeavor aimed to invigorate the downtown business landscape and reshape the membership experience. The […]

Aug 22
Case Study: Healthcare Pipeline ID3A Jam

Objective To address the recruitment and retention challenges in the healthcare industry, an Industry Idea Jam has been organized. The aim is to generate ideas, insights, and solutions from healthcare stakeholders using a marketing and positive imaging campaign approach. Results The Industry Idea Jam resulted in the concept of a media-centric campaign showcasing industry stakeholders’ […]