EP 16 – Our Exponential Future w/ Eddy Rockwell


EP 16 – Our Exponential Future w/ Eddy Nacho Rockwell

Amazon aerial drones are zooming around our streets delivering products , our cars are losing their drivers, and big data is crunching DNA numbers to crack the key to our own immortality.ign

No worries though, your mornin’ cup of joe is still served by humans – for now.

This week on R3SET Live Eddy Nacho Rockwell, founder of XCAP Insights – a think tank and digital education hub that covers emerging technologies, startups, science and bold initiatives joins the show to discuss the technological-economic age and answer the question, Are we ready?

About Eddy

Eddy is the Founder of XCap Insights, a Web Developer, Writer, and self-described Eternal Optimist.

He has a background in Energy Efficiency as VP of International Business Development for DNE, an award winning energy consultancy firm.

Now with XCAP Insights, Eddy is paving the way for for aspiring entrepreneurs, university students, and those in a career transition with the opportunity to learn about emerging technologies, bold individuals, and organizations.

The XCap Group is an intelligence community and ecosystem of companies (XCap Insights & XCap Ventures) that focus on building companies that apply emerging technologies to solving big challenges.

Team R3SET

Team R3SET

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