Devin Shea


What is your sign?

I’m a Pisces, and yes, I love the water.

Favorite Movies?

V for Vendetta, Blade Runner, Ocean’s Eleven

What books have you read that change your life?

Oh man,
The Epi-Paleo Prescription, 4 Hour Work Week, The 4th phase of Water, Man’s Search for Meaning, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Bold, The War of Art.

What would you R3SET?

I would R3SET the idea that we need to wait for someone or something else to present a solution to problems that we see.  We are the ones that we are waiting for, it’s time to take ownership of that power.

Crazy Indulgences

Reading blogs or listening to Alan Watts in middle of the night and not being able to fall asleep because I’m too fascinated by what I just learned.

Secret Obsessions

Not so secret, drinking wine and discussing biophysics and entrepreneurship.
Pretty secret, reading about different personal and organizational productivity methods and trying to combine them into one crazy system.
I’ll have to kill you if I tell you secret, uncooked brownie batter

What are some of your most memorable R3SET Moments?

Meeting innovators like Jack Kruse, Neil Strauss, and Dave Asprey at conferences like Bulletproof and Voice and Exit.
Our 2nd EQUAROX festival with fire dancers, a car show and over 20 musicians and bands to celebrate and support social justice.
Oh and selling my car to pay for it. Ha.

What do you bring to the R3SET Movement?

I have another car now I could sell. Ha.  Plus I bring a serious passion to work, an unending thirst to help people solve problems and take the next step in human evolution. Technologically, socially, and spiritually.

Devin Shea

Devin Shea

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