2020 Berkshire Succ3ss Idea Jam


“A thriving black community in the Berkshires means a thriving Berkshire County.”

### Why should I attend the Idea Jam? ###

“There are many black people in the Berkshires who continue to build on the legacy of great work here and have achieved remarkable successes in businesses, communities, and in their personal lives. We’re represented in politics, in board rooms, in publications, academia, arts, health and wellness, activism and much more.

But, there are no organizations that represent and advocate for black businesses and black economic growth in the Berkshires.

We believe an integral part of a successful community is a thriving business community.”

### So, what’s that have to do with an Idea Jam? ###

“An Idea Jam is a community-focused, design-thinking session R3SET Enterprise is facilitating for us to gain rapid insight into the community.

It creates a guided experience to discover current challenges and inform potential solutions to existing challenges around a specific area of focus, aligns current and future initiatives, and encompass those findings into a report for community members and community stakeholders.

The BEC Idea Jam is a gathering for black community members to connect, share ideas, and collaborate to further black empowerment and economic advancement in Berkshire County.”

### What do you expect the outcomes will be of the Idea Jam? ###

“The ideas captured and connections made at this event will help positively impact the planning and execution of a Berkshire County Black Economic Council Agenda.

The idea jam will unearth the unique needs of Black business owners and community members providing a runway to create the right types of resources, opportunities, and programs to help those businesses thrive. “

### What should I expect at the idea jam? ###

Oh, and we wouldn’t forget the delicious food and drinks.

Team R3SET

Team R3SET

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