The Berkshire Black Economic Council Presents

The 2020 Berkshire County
SUCC3SS Report
Resource Plan

a Report Of Black Economic Empowerment in the Berkshires

How to Read the Report

The Domain Reports broken into 5 major sections. 

  • The Overview
  • The Relevant Context
  • The Ideas
  • The Analysis
  • The Recommendations
There are also references for additional research and a link to a glossary of terms 

SUCC3SS Report Preliminary Resource Plan & Overview

This is a brief overview of the first phase of resources that are needed to empower the Berkshire Black Community. They will provide the most impact based on the research that has been done so far. Our next steps are to do a full resource & reparations plan, as well as pursue funding in these areas. We’re looking to raise a 4 million dollar investment over the next 5 years so we can approach the Federal Reserve with a 20% matching grant opportunity for a total of 20-50 million . The following are rough estimates of the resource needs to make significant economic impacts across the county.

Resource Planning and Procurement Phase 1

Berkshire Black Economic Council


Executive Director $50k
Executive Assistant $30k
Legal Services $10k
Setting up 501c3’s for Berkshire Black Economic Council

Blackshires Community Empowerment Platform


Executive Director $50k
Executive Assistant $30k


Directory Platform $50k
Educational Platform $30k
Legal Services $10k
Impact Fund for Black Businesses, similar to the Boston Impact Initiative

Neighborhood Revitalization

Housing Idea Jam $20k

Narrative Development $50k

Ongoing Documentary of Berkshire County creating the vision

Educational Programming

Skill’s based media training programs $30k
ROPE/Sessions $30K

Leadership Programs $30k

Black Community
General Community

Arts & Culture

Creating an Arts Collective $20k
Internships $20k

Supplier Diversity Program

Research & development 20k
Consultant 10k

Estimated Financial Cost Total of Funding Phase 1

$500,000 over 6 months.
Estimated Return on Investment

Domain-Specific Investment Opportunities

Research and Data Collection

More funding to continue to collect race-based data for the county

More time for research and strategy development

More Idea Jams in areas of Housing, Tourism, and Recruitment 

And Emerging Sectors of the report


Digital Place-Based Marketing, Media, and Commerce

Marketing and Media Platform for Black Business and Black Culture

Economic Justice–Supplier Diversity Program

Business Impact Funding and Investment

Full Finding of Black Economic Council Operations Staff

Leadership Development

Black Community Empowerment Leadership Accelerator

Funding support of the Blackshires Platform

Inclusive Economy Leadership Accelerator

Recruitment and Retention

Black and African American Welcoming Committee

Funding research into the unique experiences of Black and
African-American youth in Berkshire County

Fund and sponsor events that offer alternatives to existing social and cultural events, celebrate Black History, and offer safe spaces for the enjoyment of outdoor recreational activities

Blackshires Digital Empowerment platform 

Resource and Funding for continued Innovative Pipeline Development 

To recruit Black talent to the region

Neighborhood Revitalization

The City of Pittsfield formally recognizes the detrimental impact housing segregation and Urban Renewal projects have had on Black residents of the Westside, and establishes a Reparations Commission

Full start-up funding for a Westside Land Trust and Westside Community Development Corporation

Design Lounge Funding a community place-based space in the Westside to plan, design, and implement neighborhood development projects and programs

Arts and Culture

Investment In Creative Economy Skills-Based Education

Establish and Fund a Black Artist Collective and Cultural Council

Funding for Exclusively African American community based arts programs

Build a Black/African American Multicultural Arts Center

Design and Market Black Cultural Heritage Tourism Program for the Berkshires

Regional Black Cultural Heritage Event

Fund Additional Research and Data Collection

Black Arts and Cultural Center Building


Double down on existing DEI programs, diversity pipeline initiatives

Seed the development of hybrid online/offline educational programing and support forums run by and for our Black and African American student-families

📚 References


🎥 Credits 

Idea Jam Facilitators

Warren Dews Jr., Dews Management
Auric Enchill, Elegant Stitches
Alfred Enchill, Elegant Stitches


John Lewis, R3SET
Kamaar Taliaferro, R3SET
Patrick Danahey, R3SET
Devin Shea, R3SET


Kamaar Taliaferro, R3SET


Alyssa Mack, SP3AK EASY Studio
Kamaar Taliaferro, R3SET


Segun Idawoo, BECMA
Malia Lazu, MIT


Gap Analysis 

A gap analysis is an examination and assessment of current performance for the purpose of identifying the differences between the current state of business affairs and where you’d like to be. It can be boiled down into a few questions:

Where are we now? Where do we want to go? What do we need to get there? 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About the 2020 Berkshire County SUCC3SS Idea jam

The 2020 Berkshire County SUCC3SS Idea Jam was a community event series designed to create a holistic, collaborative framework for a successful ecosystem for Berkshire Black businesses, community members, and the Berkshire County community at large.

The community came together using an Idea Jam methodology to est a vision of establishing the Berkshires as a model for Black Economic empowerment for counties across the North East.

The jams were held at the beginning of COVID-19, after transitioning the series from an in-person experience. 

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